Woolly pockets

Earlier this week I came across some Woolly pockets. Woolly pockets are flexible gardening containers that can be used for vertical gardening.They looked interesting so I had to take a second to find out more about them. First I tried to figure out what material they were made of. The fabric seemed like felt to me, and I wondered how it was keeping outside of the walls dry. Just to make sure, I checked the soil and found that it was typical damp soil–I was intrigued.Wooley-Pockets

After some research, I learned that they are actually made of 100% recycled plastic bottles. That’s amazing! The material has the texture of felt and works as a wick. You add water to a certain location and it will transport it to the roots of your plants. When it comes to damaging the wall, I found out that it had a military grade built-in moisture barrier which covers the surface area of the pocket, keeping the outside dry.

These woolly pockets can be used both inside and outside. I was very lucky to come across these–they seem like an amazing tool to help us with vertical gardening. I hope that we will be able to buy a few of these  in the future to make our school a little bit more green.


Photo from http://weelicious.com/2011/09/01/woolly-pocket-giveaway/


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