This year was another busy year with the garden. At the beginning of the school year, we applied for and received a $7,500 grant from the Spirit of Coquitlam. We were thrilled to receive this funding, and with the money we purchased benches and picnic tables, and supplies for Nicole and Shauna to create a mural to decorate our garden space.

None of this really got started until the spring time, which is the usual time that we get all of the garden stuff going for the year. We tried other little experiments in that time as well, like the caveman sun blueprint, making a greenhouse overtop of one of our garden beds, and finding creative ways to grow our plants inside.

Come May, Shauna and Nicole got very busy with planning and creating the mural, and it took up a lot of their time. We also planned where and how we wanted the benches and picnic tables to be placed, and we got them put in at the beginning of June.

Another exciting thing that happened during 2015 was Inquiry Hub winning the Ken Spencer Award. Our garden group received a small grant from our teachers with the money awarded to the school, and we created a kitchen unit. The main reason we wanted a kitchen unit was to be able to have a space to prepare fruit and veggies from our garden, and it proved to be a success!


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