April 26th: our garden building day

It happened on a cloudy day on  april 26,  it was the day, the day everything was going to happen! Our garden was going to be built. We were running around  putting the last touches on getting everything ready, it was very exciting.  We were counting down the hours till it started.

(above) The courtyard before

Then the clock struck 11 and the building day had started.  Our helpers poured into the garden space ready and willing to help.We got to work right away, weeding the 2 existing garden beds and the area.  Sooner than we knew it, we were filling up our whisky barrels!


(above) The day started with lots of weeding!

Then we got out a saw and some responsible adults set out cutting the wood for the beds. Soon after,a team set on drilling the beds together, they made fast work of it. Then we had a much needed lunch break. Mr.Truss, our principle cooked up some hot dogs. After our short lunch break we got back to work. We finished making the boxes and moved into the filling stage of the day.



(above) Building!

We moved 20 yards of soil and 3 yards of gravel. This took up most of the day. Everybody’s  arms were really tried! We then took to planting our flowers, herbs ,carrot seeds, and the corn that we had grown inside from seed. We finished up the day with hamburgers, and dessert.

(above) Moving soil.


We are so thankful to everybody who came out and helped; we honestly couldn’t have done it without you!


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