Entry #5 -January 26th, 2015

This afternoon we washed all of our plastic plant containers (which was a lot of work). Then we spent the rest of the afternoon transferring the seedlings that we started last week in plastic bags into the planters. We planted a lot of each type because we are going to do some experimenting with how to grow them, and possibly try to sell some at markets.

We also had to transplant our mystery bulbs from our earlier experiment because it did not seem to work properly. Now we are hoping that because they are in soil containers now they will grow for this spring. Because they are mystery bulbs, we obviously don’t  know what they are so we have no idea when they will grow.

A couple of months ago, we found a head of garlic at shauna’s house while we were making dinner. This bulb of garlic had tiny green sprouts coming out of its top and earlier this month we broke up the garlic head into individual cloves. Then we put them on some water balls which slowly release water so that they grow some strong roots before we plant them. today we noticed that they had grown roots and decided to plant them inside.

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