What have we been doing this year?

Hello! We can’t believe that we haven’t posted on this blog since last April. We got busy with our provincial exams and then we never came back! A few things have happened since we last posted and I will try to highlight the main points:

1. We helped Maillard Middle with their garden building day on April 27th 2014

This was a great experience as it was our second time helping to build a garden!

mallard garden building day

Hannah, Sophia, Nicole, and Shauna along with other students from our school at the Mailard School Beautification day last April.

2. We have presented at conferences about our school and garden
The three of us, Mr. Truss (our principal), Joey and Josh (other students at our school) have presented at two education confrences this year–One at SFU, and the other called DisruptED in Vancouver.

disruptED pic

Mr. Truss, Sophia, Hannah, and Shauna after presenting at the DisruptED conference in October.

3. We received a Youth Environmental Achievement award
We were nominated by our teachers for an Environmental Achievement award through the Spirit of Coquitlam and invited to the dinner and ceremony on June 8th..and we ended up tying for first place!

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 5.56.38 PM

Sophia, Shauna, and Hannah after receiving an Environmental award in May.

4. We applied for another grant through the Spirit of Coquitlam
We found out just before Christmas that we have gotten the grant and will be receiving $7,540! With the money we will be putting benches and picnic tables into our garden, and Nicole will be creating a mural for our school.

Its the time of year again where we are getting busy with our projects and with preparations for our garden as its getting closer to the Spring, and we will be posting on our blog regularly.

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