Starting up the garden 2015

For the past month or so we’ve been planting seedlings, growing them inside, and clearing out the garden outside (weeding, pulling out old plants that we never harvested, etc.). Now that our seedlings have sprouted, its starting to get warmer outside, and the garden is all cleaned out, we have been getting ready to plant the first things outside.


Some of the plants that have sprouted

The other day we built a greenhouse on top of one of the beds (which you can read about in the garden journal). We couldn’t plant the seedlings in the bed before we built the greenhouse because we needed the soil to heat up first, so yesterday Nicole, Shauna’s brother Alan, and I (Sophia) had to climb into the bed and plant all of our garlic and kohlrabi.



(above photo taken from Inquiry Hub Facebook page)


Its too cold for some of our plants to grow outside at this time of the year, so while we were planting under the greenhouse, Shauna was busy inside finding a way to continue growing these plants inside. She built a makeshift trellis from a plastic container we had lying around and a shelf from our indoor greenhouse.


She also replanted some of the plants into bigger pots


Lastly, we planted some plants in smaller pots that needed support so we tied sticks to the stems.




We will post more soon!

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