Entry #11 There is no I in Team

Although I started tackling the garden on my own it isn’t really a project you can run alone. After some of my classmates saw the planters I had cleared and got to try some of the hot peppers, I was able to get more people interested. We then created the Garden Club, a group of about seven people that were motivated to help the garden.


With their help we then managed to clear the rest of the planters in just a couple of days, planted a giant strawberry plant donated by one of our teachers and with Alex’s help repaired part of the planters.


We had planted hot peppers  and lots of classmates got to try them and see things growing again; while they regretted eating hot peppers many more came out to check out the garden.

With  the garden club we instituted a schedule and tasks that we hope to regularly and started looking into grants. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time by the grant deadlines to get them in for this fall, so we decided to postpone applying for grants and work with what we have. Thankfully we have some seeds at home and school to get started with.

What comes next?

Now I need to start planning for spring. I’m starting to look at seeds and supplies, and figure out what we will be able to grow.