Successful Garden Building Day

It happened on a cloudy day on April 26. It was the day–the day everything was going to happen! Our garden was going to be built. We were running around  putting the last touches on getting everything ready; it was very exciting.  We were counting down the hours till it started.

(above) The courtyard before

Then the clock struck 11 and the building day had started. Our helpers poured into the garden space ready and willing to help. We got to work right away, weeding the two existing garden beds and the courtyard. Sooner than we knew it, we were filling up our barrels so we could plant flowers!


(above) The day started with lots of weeding!

Then we set up the saw, grabbed a few responsible adults, and began cutting the wood for the beds. Soon after, a team began drilling the beds together. They were  making fast work of it when we called for a much needed lunch break. Mr. Truss, our principle, cooked up some hot dogs. After our short lunch break we got back to work. We finished making the boxes and moved on to the filling stage of the day.



(above) Building!

We moved 20 yards of soil and 3 yards of gravel. This took up most of the day. Everybody’s  arms were really tried! We then took to planting our flowers, herbs, carrot seeds, and the corn that we had grown from seed. We finished up the day with hamburgers and dessert.

(above) Moving soil.


We are so thankful to everybody who came out and helped; we honestly couldn’t have done it without you!

(Click on photos to enlarge)

Here is a time lapse that shows the construction of our garden! iHub Garden Time Lapse

Photo credits to Owen Wou, David Truss, and Sophia Draper


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  1. Congratulations!
    I’m so impressed with how well the day went. I have to say that I think your team did a fantastic job organizing this event.
    From writing the original grant, to: getting permission from the school district; purchasing plants, seeds, supplies, equipment & materials; experimenting on the best growing conditions; starting your greenhouse nursery; planning for summer maintenance; and on this Garden Build day – coordinating students, parents, community members, and teachers to help… you have made this garden a labour of love, and your efforts have been rewarded.
    I’m excited to see where your leadership and vision for our garden take us next!

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  4. Great job! We really enjoyed reading about your day!

    We’re learning about area and perimeter in math. We are guessing that you had to know a lot about area and perimeter to help you build your garden.

    What kind of flowers did you plant on that day? We look forward to following your progress on your blog!

    • Yes we did have to know a lot about the perimeter to calculate the amount of wood we needed, and we needed to know about the area to calculate the volume of the soil and gravel that we needed.

      On the day, we planted Marigolds in the ends of the boxes, and pansies, and Osteospermums in our barrels. Thank you for your interest, we will be updating our blog as much as possible!

  5. Wow ladies, what a great job! So impressive what you have been able to accomplish. I have a few questions for you:

    1) Did you have some time to step back and reflect on all that you have already accomplished?

    2) What did you use to make those great photo collages?

    3) What did you use the gravel for?

    Can’t wait for my next visit when I can see in person all that you have done, you should be very proud of yourselves

    • Thank you so much! Here are our answers to your questions:
      1)We have not had much time to really look back at what we have done. It hasn’t really hit us yet…it seems we have done one thing and launched into the next. Every time we look out at the garden, we are almost shocked. We have learned so much from it but it seems like hasn’t actually happened.

      2) We used two photo editors called: Ribbet!, and Picmonkey

      3) We put the gravel in the bottoms of the beds and barrels to help with the drainage of the water

      We look forward to you seeing the garden!

  6. It was exciting to follow the development of your garden via Twitter. Gardening is a lot of hard work but it feels great when you start seeing the flowers, fruit, veggies etc. The work isn’t finished though. Next step is regular weeding 🙁 You are lucky to have such a long growing season in your part of Canada so you get to enjoy it year round. All that work, so you want to have it last.

  7. What a fantastic project to watch play out in stop motion. The best thing is you can continue to see the results of this beyond build day.

    An how fortunate to have a principal who can cook hot dogs (Hi David!).

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