Compost Sprouts

We got pea sprouts! Two months ago we got a worm factory from west coast seeds. So went getting worms from our backyards and putting them in with the compost. It wasn’t to long till we noticed that something was wrong and our worms where dying. we had troubles finding out why at the begging but we have finally concluded a reason. we where putting to much waste in for the amount of worms that we had. so the worms where not eating enough food that the rest of the food started growing mold. which ended up killing the worms so we decided to leave it and let it compost normally  when we stetted up our new composter that stays out side we went through the composter we had inside and  went though it putting it in to the new composter. during that time we found the there where pea sprouts sprouting. so now we have 2 healthy pea sprouts that we planted and hopefully grow strong and give us something to eat.

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