Starting the germinating process/sprouting

We are going to germinate and sprout our seeds by using what we learned last year in our Seed to Sprout inquiry. We are going to put the seeds in paper towel and put them in plastic bags to germinate and let them begin growing. From last year we learned that out of three water types pond, tap and fish that fish water worked the best.


-paper towel

-plastic bags

-fish water


Starting the germinating process-November 14 2013

Today we brought the materials to start the germinating process. Inside a piece of paper towel we spread out the seeds and covered them with the other half of the paper towel. Then we put the paper towel into the plastic bag that we labeled the start date the kind of seed the kind of water and how many seeds we also noted to keep them in a warmer area. Then we  put 50 ml of  fish water in each of the bags to keep the paper towel damp. Then we sealed the bag and placed it near a heater.

Starting the germinating process-November 15 2013

We began germinating 7 seeds of swiss chard. In paper towel with fish water as well as label the bag.


Check in on germinating process-November 18 2013

Today we looked at all of the seeds and took pictures of all of them. 95% of the lettuce seeds have  germinated and have a little white sprout coming out of the seed. About a third of the marigolds  germinated with little sprouts coming out of them. The swisscard haven’t  sprouted I think its because we started them a day later.

Check in on germinating process-November 19 2013

To day we checked in on the seeds– all of them are doing good. The swiss chard has sprouted, and all we need to do now is wait for them to grow a little bigger before we put them in to the aquaponics system.

Check in on germinating process, begging germinating process, and moved-November 27 2013

Today we checked in on the seeds. The marigold seeds are doing good and we will probably plant them into the self watering tray that we got last year.

The lettuce and swiss chard seeds looked ready to start in the aquaponics system, so we moved them in, keeping them attached to the paper towel because if we tried to move them we might have hurt them. The paper towel also helped us keep them in place and to keep them from moving. We can’t wait to see how they do and watch them grow into something the we will eventually eat.

We also set new lettuce seeds to germinate, repeating the steps we did before so that we can have another batch or a backup if something goes wrong. We will also eventually start more swiss chard seeds.

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