Garden layout for bed 6

This post is from two other students Annica and SCK. Who stepped forward to organize and take care of a garden bed.

Our box is based on the square foot garden method.  I first heard about the square foot garden method from my dad, and, after applying it at our house last year, I wanted to try it out at the school.  (You can find out more about the square foot gardening method at laid out the plan as follows:

garden bed layout 6


K: Kale
M: Marigold
Cd: Carrots, danvers
Cf: Carrots, flyaway
S: Swiss Chard
R: Radishes
Lg: Lettuce, grand rapids
Lr: Lettuce, red salad bowl
       Note: Shading indicates staggering.  Lighter shades reflect a first set and darker shades reflect a second set.

In our garden we are growing a variety of things from marigolds to radishes. SCK created a colourful diagram -several, in fact- that forms the basis for our layout and planting order. In addition to the radishes that went in before spring break, the first rows of carrots  (we’re staggering),  kale and even a marigold plant have also been planted. We’re also looking after a second garden bed in which the tomatoes will go when it’s a bit warmer and two bags which now house beans and peas.

  Next week we are planning to get the first batches of lettuce seeds started and then we will plant the first set of lettuce, Swiss chard and the second set of radishes.

Upcoming Dates
Lettuce set 1: 2nd week of April
Radishes set 2: 2nd week of April
Swiss Chard: 2nd/3rd week of April
Carrots set 2: 3rd week of April
Lettuce set 2: last week of April


By: SCK, Annica



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