A lot happened during our first year at the Inquiry hub. Of course, the first main event was Shauna writing and receiving the WWF grant for $5,000 in December 2012 to build the garden. Before we started planning for the garden, we decided to do a couple experiments around the growing of plants and what kinds of conditions each plant needs. Our first project in November 2012 was called Seed to Sprout, and we tested different variables of plant growth like how much heat affects seeds, and what type of water works best for starting seedlings. After finishing this project, we decided to learn more about the different types of gardens and what we wanted our garden to be. We called this project Why Urban Gardening? and started it in January 2013. We didn’t do that much for this project other then make a web to show all of our ideas, but even that helped for the final product of our garden. Around this time we also got featured on the front page of the Tri-City News, which was a cool experience.

In February 2013 we started to get really busy with preparations for our Community Project Day (garden building day), which we had decided would be on April 26th. We were deciding how to build the garden beds, estimating how much soil and gravel we would need, choosing our plants, and a lot of other things. Finally, April 26th rolled around which, we agree was one of the most tiring days we’ve ever had. We had a lot of help from students, parents, teachers, and community members like mayor Richard Stewart come and help us get all the work done. The day was a great success and we were very grateful to all the people that helped out. For the rest of the school year we continued working and keeping up with our garden. During the Summer, each of us came every third day so that the garden would get watered every day, and this paid off because we produced so much food! Overall, this was a great year and we had a lot of success.

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