Seed to sprout–what are we doing?

We are hoping to start up the vegetable garden soon, and we want it to be able to produce food for our school and coummunity. We think the best way to do this is by testing what vegetables grow best in different conditions. So we are sprouting lettuce seeds in different conditions so that when we go out and grow vegetables in our garden,we will be ready to produce amazing  lettuce. (we plan on doing this with every plant before its planted)  The major variable we are testing is if lettuce sprouts better in a moist paper towel or in soil. Then we have three sub experiments. The first thing we are testing is if they sprout better in cool or warm places. The second one being do they sprout better in tap,fish,pond or gel beads. The third and finale one is that we are testing what type of soil they sprout faster in: normal soil, soil with with compost, or soil with chemical fertilizer.


~HannahSophiaShaunaAnnica, and Kayla



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