Caveman Sun Blueprint








The caveman sun blueprint is used to find where your garden has the most sun, the most shade, and during what times. Most people living on the northern half of the hemisphere would say its the south side of the house that gets the most sun. That may not alway be the case, there are objects in front of it the could cast a shadow. It also maybe that you are looking for where on the south side, gets the most sun. It’s always good to know the space you have to the best of your ability, so you know where to plant what according to its daily sun requirement.

We are going to create this diagram for our garden space so we can see what places really do have the most sunlight and the most shade. We are also going to do it multiple times in the winter, spring, summer and fall to see how the sunlight intensity and place may change throughout the seasons It may change depending where the sun is or should i say where the earth is from the sun and its tilt.

Photo from: Vertical Vegetable Gardening by: Chris Mclaughlin


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