May garden update

A lot has been happening with our garden and some of our other projects this past month, and its also been a busy time for schoolwork and trying to get courses finished. Being this busy has resulted in us putting this blog on the back burner for the past few weeks, but we have organized a lot of new posts about what we’ve been working on. Now that it’s May, we have a lot of quite a few things growing in the garden.

We have a whole bed full of kohlrabi. It seems a bit excessive to me, but Shauna says she has plans for it all so we will see what she comes up with!



This bed has lettuce and radishes in it, which are both coming along nicely. We’re planning on planting both of these things multiple times throughout the spring and summer so we’ll have a continuous supply. IMG_2974IMG_2973

Our herb bed needs some work–its a bit of a wild jungle at the moment. That mess of green you see is a mix of mint, weeds, and rhubarb. Shauna made us rhubarb crisp a few weeks ago which was really good so we are hoping she makes it againTIMG_2975

This bed has a few squash plants in it.


We took down the greenhouse structure on the other bed and built something similar on the back bed that is growing bell peppers. We were having a problem with the piping bending and not holding the plastic up efficiently, so we used PVC pipes which are a stronger plastic and they seem to be working well. .IMG_2977

We are growing strawberries in two barrels and a mini planted box that our teacher Mr. Soiseth brought for us–thanks Mr. Soiseth!

IMG_2978 IMG_2980

We’re growing sunflowers in the middle barrel which are looking really nice! Hopefully they will all have sprouted by next week.


Finally, after having and taking care of these apple trees for two years now, we have apples growing! You can read more about these trees and what’s happening with them in Alan’s post.



Here’s an overview of the whole garden. Our biggest change, is that we now have benches and picnic tables! We have been wanting these ever since we built the garden so this is very exciting for us. You can read more about how we got these in Hannah’s post next week.



The two other projects that we’ve been spending our time working on are the mural, and the kitchen unit. Shauna and Nicole will be explaining these projects in detail next week.


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