Possibility of Vertical Gardening

While doing research on possible plants that can be planting soon, I came across ideas and designs for vertical gardening, I find this very interesting because it is gardening vertically instead of horizontally. Vertical gardening not only works for plants with vines but also plants like lettuce, you just need a different type of design to suit the different plants. Plants with vines can grow up almost anything while other plants will need containers. I began to do more research on vertical gardening and ideas that I could possibly implement at the school garden. One idea is an arch that is usually stationary but I would like to make one that is removable so that in the future students can choose which beds to put it in or if they even want to use it that year. Many vertical gardens are stationary but some have the possibility to be moved around. I became very interested in the idea of a movable vertical garden that could be inside so we could grow produce year round. I thought it would be very interesting to grow herbs and lettuce in it so that it the foods courses this year could use the herbs that were being grown. I am excited to look further into this possibility and discussing it with the teachers.

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